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Interoperable Knowledge Representation for Intelligence Services

The objective of this effort is to organize, conduct, and report on the results of an information technology workshop to be conducted on behalf of the Northeast Regional Research Center (NRRC), an activity of the Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) in Information Technology.

This project addresses the following challenge problems:

(1) How to enable interoperability of knowledge representation (KR) technology developed by multiple organizations in multiple ARDA programs and designed to perform different tasks.

(2) How to practically represent knowledge that is relevant to intelligence analysis tasks in a form that enhances automated support for analysts.

The focus is on hypothetical scenarios and alternative contexts, and the results will include designs of representations, automated reasoning methods for knowledge expressed in the representations, prototype implementations of the designs and methods, and use case demonstrations.

The specific work that Grüninger performed in this project was to demonstrate interoperability between the Process Specification Language (PSL) and the subtheory of process concepts within the Cyc Upper Ontology.

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