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Semantic Web Services Framework

The Semantic Web Services Framework (SWSF) has been proposed to support richer semantic specifications of Web services, based on a comprehensive representational framework that spans the full range of service-related concepts.

Such a framework enables fuller, more flexible automation of service provision and promotes the use of semantically well-founded reasoning about services. For example, richer semantics can support greater automation of service selection, composition, invocation, and verification.

SWSF includes an axiomatized ontology of service concepts (known as FLOWS, First-order Logic Ontology for Web Services), which extends the PSL Ontology to provide the conceptual framework for describing and reasoning about services. This ontology was originally proposed to address the shortcomings of earlier approaches such as OWL-S, whose description logic specification could not axiomatize the intended semantics of its terminology. Grüninger's work in this project was the axiomatization of the concepts in the the ontology, which was based on the work in. Applications of PSL to Semantic Web Services

In September 2005, SWSF was published as a W3C Member Submission for the World Wide Web Consortium.

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