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TOVE Ontologies

During Grüninger's time as Senior Research Scientist in the Enterprise Integration Laboratory, he was the project leader for the design and implementation of the ontologies for the Toronto Virtual Enterprise (TOVE) project.

An Ontology for Quality Management
Enterprise Modelling
An Organisation Ontology for Enterprise Modelling
Ontologies and Enterprise Modelling
Logic of enterprise modelling

The TOVE ontologies formed a library of ontologies axiomatized in first-order logic with the concepts required to represent and reason about enterprise models. An enterprise model is a computational representation of the structure, activities, information, resources, people, behaviours, goals, and constraints of an enterprise. The role of an enterprise model is to achieve model-driven enterprise design, analysis, and operation.

The TOVE Ontologies were applied in several multinational companies, including IBM Ontologies to support process integration in enterprise engineering , BHP Steel (Australia), and Toyo Engineering (Japan).

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